Who’s behind all this magic?

One of our founders comes with a background in business development and marketing, madly passionate for extreme sports such as off-road and enduro. Our other founder is a multiple national champion in orienteering and national champion in off-road competitions.

Dan and Romi set up 4×4 Wild Tours after many years of exploring mountains, forests and the most-hidden and wildest roads and locations in their homeland, Romania.

They’ve combined their knowledge, experience and passion to plan this tailor made adventure tours that 4×4 Wild Tours now offers, giving you the best options and 4×4 guided expeditions on offer today.

Full Biography – Dan Miclea

Was born in Fagaras, a little town situated in Transylvania, a place where history is overlapped in a happy way with geography, bordered to the south by the Fagaras Mountains.

The founder and guide for your off-road tours graduated in marketing and business development  and has a wealth of experience in off-road competitions , organizing events and a passion for off-road and enduro.

He participated in off-road competitions between 2006 – 2012, both racing and organizing and is passionate about Romania, its history, traditions and heritage.

Dan has set his goals to inspire others in maintaining a positive attitude towards life , make them aware of the beautiful country we live in and to always reach their dreams.

Ethical travel is important to us and we do all we can to minimize our impact on the world we’re exploring. We act responsibly and encourage environmental stewardship. Expeditions have minimum impact on the cultures and environments we experience.

Full Biography – Romi Chiriac

Over the decades Romica , the Chief Operations and co-founder, invested time and energy in scouting new routes- seeking out the places that combine excellent off road driving adventure and fantastic holiday potential.

Romi started as a performance runner and managed to combine his running with his love of nature, launching himself into a new sport  – orienteering. During 30 years of competing in this sport he was a multiple national champion, participating in 3 world championships and 9 rounds of the world cup.

Eventually age caught up with him and he decided to take on a new challenge in another sport in which he could use all the knowledge he had accumulated about orientation, sport and nature.  Therefore, for the last 16 years he has participated in off- road competitions. What can be more beautiful than to drive in nature with a 4×4 vehicle?

On a competitive level, he is a national champion in the off-road extreme class. He also has impressive experience as an organizer of off-road competitions, car shows, events and car launches for well-known car brands (Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, etc). He was involved and brought his contribution to the Digital Romania (IGO) project – mapping more than half of the country’s roads and localities.

The project 4×4 Wild Tours is a way to continue doing what he does best and to share his experience with others by offering them unforgettable memories whilst getting to know and discover beautiful places with nice people and traditions.